Eggs: The affordable, quality and nutritious solution for addressing India’s malnourishment challenges



As the 2017 World Egg day is celebrated on 13 October, CLFMA and its members call for concerted efforts by all foodchain actors to promote egg for strengthening India’s food and nutritional future.


The International Egg Commission decided to celebrate the second Friday of October every year as the World Egg day since 1996. India is one of the largest producers of eggs globally and produces and produces around 70 billion eggs a year. India’s egg industry is one of the highly efficient and affordable producers in world. However, the annual per capita consumption of eggs stands at 55 eggs and has huge potential to go up provided the benefits of consuming eggs and their superior nutritional compositions are effectively promoted among consumers.


In its recent Global Hunger Index (GHI) report, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) ranked India at 100 out of 119 countries and revealed one-fifth and at least a third of the total population of children under the age of five are respectively are underweight and stunted. Hence the report called for a renewed focus and holistic strategies to improve overall nutritional status rather than being confined to increasing production.


In this context, eggs are one of the nature’s powerful foods packed with essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals that are better in quality and bioavailability than most of the comparable foods. For example, eggs contain Choline, an essential nutrient that helps brain development and cognitive abilities in children. Similarly, the protein in egg white is possibly the best quality protein with a Biological Value (BV) of a perfect 100 than all others.


On the occasion of World Egg Day, Compound Livestock Feed Manufacturers Association (CLFMA) of India, the apex organization representing the nation’s animal protein sector founded in 1968, recently celebrated its Golden Jubilee. The association calls for increased support from all the actors involved in augmenting India’s food and nutritional security for promoting awareness about egg consumption in India.