Poultry Industry In India
Poultry raising dates back to prehistoric times. But commercial production of poultry in India is only 30 years old.
Poultry is the fastest growing sector of Indian agriculture. Broiler production was started as a novelty in early 1970s and has turned out to be popular with its rearing of 750 million in year 2000. The steep growth in broiler production is also reflected in the increased number of broiler hatcheries from 77 in 1980 to over 750 in the year 2000. Broiler production in 1993 was estimated to be 300 million broilers and with spurt in Broiler production in 90's the expected production in 1998 is approximately 800 million broilers and with poultry industries annual growth around 15% to 20% per annum, the sky is the limit for Poultry in India. In 1998 approximately 22 lakhs birds were processed mechanically every day which is approximately 1% of total broiler production. By 2000 AD, the percentage of poultry processed in modern plants is likely to go up to 2-5 percent. A network of about 600 hatcheries, feed mills, veterinary pharmaceuticals and Equipment manufacturers have made poultry a dynamic agri-business. India has almost all major commercial breeds of chicks from America, England and Europe. India is self reliant in feed ingrediant production and local feed plants produce, quality feed for poultry sector.

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How To Start A Poultry Farm

Before taking up a new poultry project, the basic consideration is about its financial viability and technical feasibility.
For this, a farmer/extension worker needs to know about the size of capital investment, down-to-earth guidelines to evaluate the economics of the project, comparative data on a layer/broiler farm unit. After that a project has to be prepared. These and other aspects will be presented here.

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New Vistas In Hatchery Management 
Hatchery management has undergone remarkable changes in recent years.
Its role in disease control, in incubating eggs and hatching chicks is very important in achieving optimum success in the number of first-quality chicks.

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Pellet Feed For Poultry
Pellet feed has a positive effect on broiler growth and feed conversion owing to increased feed consumption, less feed wastage, reduced bulkiness of feed and more homogenous feed. Besides, each pellet is complete feed and toxic pathogens and antinutritional factors are destroyed during pellet production.

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Sr. No. Region Avg. Placement in millions
1 Tamil Nadu 8.12
2 Kerala 1.25
3 Karnataka 3.85
4 Andhra Pradesh 6.45
5 Maharashtra 6.09
6 Gujrat 1.07
7 West Bengal 6.15
8 Odisha 1.55
9 Assam 1.27
10 Punjab and Haryana 3.93
11 Rajsthan 0.61
12 Uttar Pradesh 3.15
13 Bihar & Jharkhand 3.85
14 Madhya Pradesh 1.35
15 J & K 0.68
16 Chattisgarh 1.25
17 Himachal Pradesh 0.69
18 Uttrakhand 1.02
19 Others 1.65
  Total 54.00
Sr. No. Region Millions
1 Tamil Nadu 49
2 Kerala NS
3 Karnataka 13
4 Andhra Pradesh 77
5 Maharashtra 9
6 Gujrat 3.2
7 West Bengal 3
8 Odisha 6
9 Assam NS
10 Punjab and Haryana 7.1/30
11 Rajasthan 2.8
12 Uttar Pradesh 2.5
13 Bihar & Jharkhand NS
14 Madhya Pradesh 0.7
15 J & K NS
16 Chattisgarh 5.5
17 Himachal Pradesh NS
18 Uttrakhand NS
19 Others 1.5
  Total 210.3 x 300 eggs = 63.09 billions
Category 2007 2020
CB cattle 33.06 65.30
Indigenous cattle 166.02 161.37
Buffalo 105.33 115.60
Sheep 71.56 74.78
Goat 140.53 142.23
Pigs 11.13 11.91
Fish** 7.13 12.38
** million tons
Crossbreds double, poultry 1.6 times, fish 1.7 times