CLFMA Publications

CLFMA has been publishing a most informative, educative and useful bi-monthly, namely ' FEED TRENDS ', which is of international standard and is increasingly sought for. CLFMA has been spreading educative information on animal nutrition research, veterinary aspects, veterinary diseases, their cure, control, prevention, farm management and other farm features and veterinary news through 'FEED TRENDS'. This has been helping CLFMA members and others considerably in updating themselves on technological and other relevant matters.

Technical Publications

The Technical Sub-Committee of CLFMA has been effective trouble shooters in many technical matters and has published following technical publications:

  1. Proceedings of the symposium on " Technological Innovations In Animal Feed Industry ".
  2. Proceedings of the symposium on " Bio-Technology in Improving the Nutritional value of Animal Feeds ".
  3. Proceedings of the symposium on " Aflatoxin and Aflatoxicosis"
  4. "Alleged Feed Related Problems In Poultry - Recent Trends"
  5. "Compound Feed for Better Yield"
  6. Proceeding of the Symposium on " Do Low Yielding Cows Deserve Balanced Nutrition "
  7. "Quality and Standardization in Animal Feeds"
  8. CLFMA Standard Specifications for " Compound Cattle, Poultry, and Pig Feed and for Animal Feed Raw Materials".
  9. "Partner in Progress" CLFMA in Animal Production"

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