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CLFMA, the sole, All-India representative of manufacturers of nutritionally balanced and scientifically compounded feed for cattle, poultry, fish, prawns etc., manufacturers and suppliers of feed supplements & raw materials, feed plants & machinery and other service providers business associated with livestock industry. Today CLFMA has around 233 members including all sectors of the industry.

Few animal feed manufacturers way back in 1964 initiated the dialogue to give organizational bent to this industry. As a result, CLFMA was formed and registered on 8th June 1967, which in 1969 was registered as a charitable public trust. The prime objective of CLFMA is helping the promotion of overall animal husbandry, by promoting the concept of balanced feeding of animals in accordance with their nutritional requirements for deriving the maximum output from them through productivity improvement.

CLFMA is fully committed to manufacturing and supplying high quality; safe and conversion-efficient animal feeds to livestock farmers at prices affordable to them.

During 2010, at the AGM held at Chandigarh, the resolution was passed to form a Sub-Committee to broad-base CLFMA of India.

It was agreed by the members present that all sectors of livestock industry should come together for the progress of the industry.

Some Of The Sectors Identified For This Purpose Are:

  1. Poultry feed Manufacturers
  2. Poultry Feed Additives / AHP Manufacturers
  3. Hatcheries / Breeding Farms
  4. Hatcheries / Breeding Farms
  5. Dairy Milk Processors
  6. Meat Processors
  7. Aqua Feed Processors
  8. Aqua Processors and Exporters
  9. Egg Powder Manufacturers
  10. Livestock Equipment / Machinery Manufacturers / Suppliers
  11. Marketing Cos. (For Livestock Branded Products)
  12. Others, who are involved in livestock industry

Convenor of Sub-Committee to broad base CLFMA highlighted the following recommendation made by Sub-Committee including the changes suggested in constitution of CLFMA.

The Name :
The Compound Livestock Feed Manufacturers Association of India limits to feed manufacturing; hence recommended to change to CLFMA OF INDIA.

The Member:
The member means member of CLFMA. No different category.

Entrance Fees
Entrance fee for every applicant to apply for membership will be Rs. 3000/-

Membership Subscription
Subscription as shown in the table below on total production during the preceding year.

Production in Tons Pay
Up to 1,00,000 tones Rs. 0.50 per tones subject to minimum of Rs. 20,000 /-
1,00,000 to 2,00,000 tones Rs. 50,000 plus @ Rs. 0.45 per ton in production in excess of 1,00,000 tones.
2,00,000 tones and above Rs. 95,000 plus @ Rs. 0.40 per ton on production in excess of 2,00,000 mt.
In all cases, any fraction shall be rounded off to the nearest Rs. 100/-

Feed Manufactures in Public and Cooperative Sector :
Members in the public and co-operative sectors shall pay, in advance, annual membership subscription at the rate of Rs. 0.15 per tonne on their total production from all units taken together, during the preceding year from 1st April to following 31st March, subject to minimum of Rs. 20000/-.

Feed Manufacturers for their own / captive consumption :
Members in the hatchery, breeding, integration, organized dairy sectors, who are manufacturing feed for their captive consumption shall pay, in advance, annual subscription at the rate of Rs 0.15 per tone on their total production from all units taken together, during the preceding year from 1st April to 31st March, and a minimum of Rs. 20,000/-.

For Non Feed Members :
All the members who are not in Feed Manufacturing and fall in other sectors of Livestock Industry will be called as Non Feed Members and shall pay, in advance, annual membership subscription of Rs. 20,000/- per annum.

The minimum annual subscription for all members will be Rs. 20,000/-.

Managing Committee
The managing committee shall consist of members elected/nominated as under:

Some Of The Sectors Identified For This Purpose Are:

  1.  From the Feed Manufacturer’s sector (all types), there shall be ten (10) members.(8 members from private sector, 1 member from co-ops and 1 member from Integrator’s)
  2. From the Feed Supplements /Additives/Pharma sector there shall be six (6) members
  3. From the Feed Plant/Machinery and Equipments sector there shall be one (1) member
  4. From Aqua sector there shall be one (1) members.
  5. From other sectors which are not covered above will be decided by the Chairman with the consent of the Managing Committee Members, there shall be two (2) members.

Total 20 Members on the managing committee.

Office Bearers:

  1. The Chairman shall be from any sector.
  2. Dy.Chairman I, from feed, Dy.Chairman II, from feed additives/Pharma, Dy.Chairman III, from Breeders/Integrators,Dy.Chairman IV from other sector.
  3. There shall be State Board Presidents - irrespective of the sector representing that state.

The tenure of the managing committee will be for two years or till the next elections.

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Clfma Office Bearers


Amit Saraogi
Managing Director
Anmol Feeds Private Limited

Dy. Chairman

Dy. Chairman

Dy. Chairman

Managing Director
Berg and Schmidt India Pvt. Ltd.
Mangesh Wange
Head & EVP Animal Feeds Business
Godrej Agrovet Ltd.
Managing Director
Kaira District Co-op. Milk Producers'
Union Ltd. (Amul Dairy)



P. G. Phalke
ICC Impex India Pvt. Ltd
Shruti Chotai
Pranav Agro Industries Ltd.

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